vendredi 23 novembre 2007

TV. journal 5
Like i expailed before,my TV. show talk about the life of Superman when he was young .So, I learned how he had his supers powers and why he came from another planet. I liked this show but, for me, a TV show where there are 100 episodes and more, is too much for me! Although, my girl friend is a big addict of it and I will probably watch some episodes with her. In Brief, this TV show is excellent for learning English because the vocabulary is not complicated and if I don’t understand, I can put the subtitles on to help me learn for more learn
TV. Journal 4
In this episode, I went to see Chloe at the Daily Planet in Metropolis city. The cover of the newspaper, this day, was talking about a masked girl who saved many lives in to the night. Chloe is a journalist, So, I helped her to get the biggest scoop about this super girl. During the night, in the street, I pretended to attack Chloe and as we thought, the girl attacked me. We fought and after that I asked her some questions about her super powers, This girl saves many lifes but she also kills people. She fought for vengeance because some people killed her family. I gave her an advice and told her to be careful because I had my eyes on her. later, I returned home at Smallville.

vendredi 21 septembre 2007

Smallville episode 2

Smallville episode 2

The TV. program that I watched this week was Smallvile. In this episode, Clark was on the beach when a girl went into the water and swam unti tol a rock in the middle of the lake. She climbed on it and,then slid down. She hurt her head on it and she fell in the water. Clark went to help her with his super power and when he came she was not there. Another guy came before him. This was not normal because only him could have this power to run, fly and swim like a gun bullet. Finally, he was like a mermaid but the masculine. He was an ocean protector and after a few minutes he disappeared in water. He never came back.

vendredi 7 septembre 2007


The t.v program that I watched is Smallville Season Five. Smallville is the story about the life of Superman with a lot of events. I chose this t.v program because my girlfiend is very addicted !For the moment,I just hope to learn more English with this t.v. show because I am not a big fan of t.v. shows.What I know , for the moment,about this t.v showis that the name of the principal character is Clark Kent who is Superman.I know three other characters who are Chloe,Lana an Lex .Chloe works for The Daily Planet. She is a journalist. Lana Lang is Clark's the girlfriend and Lex Luthor has his own business. So, he is very rich.

The story takes place in Smallville and all the conflit happen when two extraterrest came at Smallville. In the first episode Chloe found out the secret of Clark,because no body else know about his super power.